GRIGLIA mirrors the evolving future-forward aesthetic of parametric design, where the organic translates in tessellations and symmetries that capture the eye and elevate the experience of form. A fundamental simplicity and beauty veils complexity within, just as the luxurious expanse of a hand-knotted rug both reveals and conceals the meticulous craft of the artisan. The name GRIGLIA, Italian for grid, captures the inspiration of the design approach. The warp and weft of the loom are the basis for an improvisation in directional shapes, textures and chromatics. Grids are transformed, convoluted and overlaid, enhancing the visual appreciation and guiding the eye through space. Colours reveal graduations of hue, harmonic spectrums and symmetries of light and shade. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, these pieces are meticulously knotted, carved and finished to the highest level of detail. GRIGLIA also addresses the pragmatic dimension, ensuring each hand-crafted rug meets the requirements of the Building Code of Australia. Each rug is crafted by Tappeti’s artisans in Nepal who use premium natural fibres including Tibetan wool and hemp with delicate art-silk detailing to emphasise the relationship between weave, geometry and colour.