Tappeti fine handcrafted rugs + carpets began with a vision – to bring to life the inspired work of designers and artists and create art for the horizontal plane, infusing beauty and meaning into colour and texture.

Our ethos is anchored in quality, ethics and celebrating the time-honoured craft of hand-making rugs and carpets. Our name – Tappeti – means ‘rugs’ in Italian, and our world-class reputation is the result of a symbiotic fusion of client goals, designer vision, and Tappeti craftsmanship. We create statement pieces that push the boundaries of what is possible with fibres and design, weaving luxury and innovation into every piece.

Tappeti rugs are not manufactured on an industrial scale – each rug or carpet is unique and made by hand, enabling us to offer a truly flexible and bespoke customer co-creation journey. We have developed business processes and consultation approaches that ensure a seamless experience from initial design through to final delivery.

We are constantly inspired by global trends in fashion, interior design, travel, architecture, environmental stewardship, culture, and nature. Never resting on our laurels, we work with designers from around the globe, bringing their visions to life to adorn amazing spaces.

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The Tappeti Story

Tappeti design and hand-craft superior floor art.