A Tappeti rug is a promise of unsurpassed quality

Tappeti works closely with our creative partners to ensure the handcrafting techniques and impeccable making process of every unique Tappeti rug + carpet result in exquisite products of exceptional quality. We continuously refine our approach to ensure our focus on high quality fibres, cutting-edge designs, exceptional service and superior craftsmanship exceeds customer expectations. All Tappeti rugs are also certified to meet National Construction Code of Australia requirements as set forth by the Agricultural, Horticultural & Materials Testing (AWTA).

A Tappeti rug is a promise of uniqueness

A Tappeti rug has its origins in pure creative expression from initial design through to the making process. Each piece represents the personality of the individual or the unique corporate identify through complete customisation of colour, careful selection of materials, curated design and size. This ensures every Tappeti piece is perfectly at home within your space and aligns with your aesthetics.

A Tappeti rug is a promise of delightful service
From the first conversation and design conception, into ordering and to the final stage of installation, commissioning a Tappeti rug is a seamless experience of flexible service from a knowledgeable team who understand your expectations and align with your needs. No vision is too large or too small for us to deliver it. We make it a delight to order and own a Tappeti piece – wherever you are in the world.

A Tappeti rug is a promise of sustainability

All our beautiful art-infused products are handmade with an emphasis on natural fibres including wool, hemp and cactus yarn. Because traditional artisan processes and handmaking tools are used, every piece is unique and created with minimal impact on our precious planet. Each hue of yarn is pot-dyed to order using non-toxic pigments, and the work of transferring and tufting or knotting the design, binding, carving and finishing of every piece is undertaken by craftspeople who carry the legacy of generations of skill in the trade. Industrial machines play no part in our process, instead, we support families to remain in their ancestral communities, earning fair wages and supporting the next generation to flourish. As an ethical manufacturer, we recognise that the values we weave into our work must embrace the wellbeing of people and of the planet.

Our products have been specified in many 5-Star Green Star rated buildings.

The Tappeti Promise

A Tappeti rug is a promise of unsurpassed quality,
uniqueness, delightful service
and sustainability.