Griglia 01. Nero

Griglia 01. Nero

GRIGLIA mirrors the evolving future-forward aesthetic of parametric design, where the organic translates in tessellations and symmetries that capture the eye and elevate the experience of form. A fundamental simplicity and beauty veils complexity within, just as the luxurious expanse of a hand-knotted rug both reveals and conceals the meticulous craft of the artisan.
Tappeti has been inspired by the textures and directionality of weaving and the harmony and juxtaposition of colour and texture create its evocative new collection.

The timeless and graphic colour palette of black and white is paired with golden yellow and sky blue lines, running across its width to create subtle movement within the plain.

  • Griglia 01 is manufactured in 100% Tibetan wool
  • Hand knotted to base pile height of 8-9mm or custom heights
  • Custom fibres, sizes and shapes available
  • Suitable for residential and commercial applications
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Griglia 01. Nero

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