Tappeti has developed our product ranges to provide a diverse range of colour, design and fibre options.

Our in-house design studio specialises in applying custom colours, fibres and textures to our design colleziones. Contact our design studio to discuss the available options for your project.


Our range of durable and sumptuous options for wall-to-wall applications

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Classic contemporary style for progressive, sophisticated interiors

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Classic Contemporary

Refined rugs with classic lines, tones and motifs to suit timeless interiors

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Eye-catching rugs taking reference from current modern trends

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Euro Weaves

A range of hand-woven rugs featuring a range of textured fibres, reversible and versatile

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At this time of change on earth, our planet is experiencing clearer skies, less populated spaces. As the pace of our lives slows down, we have a renewed opportunity to appreciate the beauty found in the movement of organic lines of the places we hold dear. Evoluzione examines both designed, geometric pattern and the naturally occurring organic forms found in the earth. A forward-thinking, moody and masculine interpretation of texture and form; hand-made using traditional techniques.

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Faded Neon

Explores the dynamic nature of watercolour paints merging tones to create movement

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Fine hand knots

A sumptuous collection of rugs handknotted in Nepal incorporating silk, nettle, wool, artsilk, hemp, cactus and pashmina.

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Exploring the intersection of line, colour and shape, taking inspiration from a variety of architectural forms

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Stunning pieces designed with the unique balance of shape and form in mind

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Original indigenous artworks translated into luxurious rugs using wool and silk

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Kerrie Brown

Stunning rugs blending a dynamic and luminous use of colour with exotic patterns

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Stunning textures for use in multiple applications to emanate luxury

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Achieve a gorgeous blend of tone and colour through our range of Ombre designs through dyeing and considered colour placement.

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Specially developed rugs to achieve an aged vintage patina aesthetic

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In partnership with Shibori, Tappeti brings an ancient dye technique to life

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A hand–knotted culmination of classic contemporary designs created for refined, enduring interiors with an expression of timeless elegance.

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Create a sense of timelessness with traditional patterns and styles

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What's New

Brand new ideas and textures coming out of our design studio

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