The Tappeti process is woven with quality, ethics and dedication

A Tappeti rug or custom carpet is unique in every detail.

What sets us apart from industrially-produced textiles is we start with a deep and complete commitment to honouring your design goals. We value developing a holistic relationship that spans the entire customer experience from the first encounter through to after-care service.

Our dedicated and experienced sales managers respect the creative process and have thorough knowledge of how we translate vision into outcome. They will take the time to understand your project and your design goals so the solution proposed is truly bespoke.

The in-house design team is also expertly trained in developing and specifying custom concepts in a range of specialised fibres, pile types and colour palettes with a impeccable attention to detail. The artwork that will form the basis of your commission is produced to scale with full specification of all design elements prior to manufacture.

While the artisans who hand-make each rug are using techniques passed down for generations, our quality control processes are state-of-the-art, including the documentation of each area of a rug in highly technical detail. Every knot, weave, colour and texture are rigorously matched between the agreed art design specifications and the final completed item.

We also ensure our Quality Control processes are followed throughout production with inspections at key points including completion and arrival for installation, to ensure our impeccable standards are maintained on every project.

The Tappeti Process

With a focus on high quality fibres, cutting-edge, exclusive designs, flexibility and superior craftsmanship, Tappeti can achieve your design goals