Where we began

Tappeti was founded in 2006, drawing on insights gained from interior design practice to use the horizontal plane as a canvas for breathtaking textile art. . Having Italian heritage, the founder chose the name ‘Tappeti’ – meaning rug in Italian – to honour her vision of bespoke textile rug + carpet making that is steeped in traditions of crafting and the work of skilled human hands.

In the early years of Australian interior design, traditionally fabric houses and furniture suppliers only wholesaled to interior designers and architects. However, there was a shift in the market that gave consumers access to these products, leading to a more competitive retail environment for textile products. With increased competition came a growing trend for offshore, industrial mass manufacture to provide stock for the major furnishings retailers – and the status and value of interior designers was often marginalised.

It also became more difficult for designers to find affordable, bespoke, one-of-a-kind creative pieces that add meaningful flourish to a space.

Tappeti saw the opportunity to provide designers and architects a way to realise their vision through offering a place that collaborates to produce unique, high-quality statement carpets and art rug pieces that are not available from anywhere but Tappeti..

As a result, our custom creations are to be found in some of the world’s most prestigious hotels, hospitality companies, corporate headquarters, convention centres, airports, yachts and elite private homes.

Where We Began

Tappeti design and hand-craft superior floor art