OPERA | SALE PRICE: $4,550 - OLD PRICE: $9,659

OPERA | SALE PRICE: $4,550 - OLD PRICE: $9,659




SALE PRICE: $4,550
Old price: $9,659

AVAILABLE: 2.50M X 3.00M

As the name suggests, dramatic in pattern and yet soothing in colours from earth and water which represents a free flowing form.
The handknot technique brings out the intricacy in the design.

Rug size available 2.50m x 3.00m

  • Hand-knotted meticulously in Nepal by our artisans
  • Custom fibres, sizes and shapes available
  • Suitable for residential and commercial applications
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OPERA | SALE PRICE: $4,550 - OLD PRICE: $9,659

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