The Tappeti Promise

A Tappeti rug is a promise of unsurpassed quality.

Tappeti works closely with our partners to ensure exceptional manufacturing processes and quality handcrafting techniques which are continuously refined to deliver an exquisite product.

With a focus on high quality fibres, cutting-edge designs, exceptional service and superior craftsmanship, all Tappeti rugs are certified to meet the BCA (Building Code of Australia), as set forth by the Agricultural, Horticultural & Materials Testing (AWTA).

A Tappeti rug is a promise of uniqueness.

A Tappeti rug is a result of creative expression; representing an individual’s personality or corporate brand by providing complete customisation of colour, high quality materials, design and size, ensuring each Tappeti piece fits perfectly within your space, structures and aesthetics.

A Tappeti rug is a promise of delightful service.

From the design conceptions, ordering and right through to the installation, a Tappeti rug will be delivered with flexible service by a knowledgeable team who can adapt to meet your needs. We make it a delight to order and own a Tappeti piece. We can deliver your solution anywhere in the world, no job is too big or too small.

A Tappeti rug is a promise of sustainability.

All our products are handmade predominantly with natural fibres including wool, hemp and cactus yarn. Handmade processes and simple tools are used, whether that’s dyeing the yarn, transferring and tufting or knotting the design, to binding, carving and finishing.

Our products have been specified in many 5-Green Star sustainability rated buildings.

We do not use industrial machines at all in any of our manufacturing processes. These processes allow for families to work together, maintaining techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.