Fibre and Finishes Selection

Browse our texture, fibre and pile height options.

100% Cut Pile
Carving & Loop Pile
Carving with Raised Artsilk
Loop Pile
Loop Pile Lines with Cut Pile
Raised Artsilk Lines on Wool base
Stippled Gradients
Tonal Textures
100% NZ Wool
100% Viscose
Felted Wool Cut Pile
Felted Wool Loop Pile
Handknot Cactus Wool & Artsilk areas
Handknot Nettle & Silk cut pile
Handknot Silk border with Wool
Handknotted Wool & Viscose
Deep Carving
Handknot Raised Artsilk Highlights
Lowered Cut Pile Highlights
Raised Artsilk Details
Tapered Carving
Custom Design Service

Our team love pushing the boundaries to create something truly unique. Size, shape, texture, depth and colour are all explored, with endless possibilities.

Colour Selection

With over 250 colours to choose from, there are endless colour combinations.