GRIGLIA 05. SOLE | SALE PRICE: $3,950 - OLD PRICE: $8,025

GRIGLIA 05. SOLE | SALE PRICE: $3,950 - OLD PRICE: $8,025



SALE PRICE: $3,950
Old price: $8,025

AVAILABLE: 2.20M X 3.00M

Inspiration for patterns was gathered from around the world, referencing influential artistic and design schematics including the piazzas of Milan, the neoclassical temples of Greece, the harmonic arrangements of natural forms and the rich, repeating motifs of Persian and Asian decorative arts. These flavours and allusions have been distilled to their essence by Tappeti’s designers then reimagined in new directions.

A fundamental simplicity and beauty veils complexity within, just as the luxurious expanse of a hand-knotted rug both reveals and conceals the meticulous craft of the artisan. A cheerful colour palette of sunny yellow, and winter white form the base layer of this rug, with powder and peacock blue highlight details. An intarsia inspired repeating pattern was built on the founding principle of the repeating square.

A fringe detail with contrasting tassels completes this design.

S‍ize: 2.2M x 3M

  • Griglia 05 is manufactured in hemp + Tibetan wool
  • Hand knotted to base pile height of 8-9mm or custom heights
  • Custom fibres, sizes and shapes available
  • Suitable for residential and commercial applications
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GRIGLIA 05. SOLE | SALE PRICE: $3,950 - OLD PRICE: $8,025

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