The Tappeti Story

Tappeti, a world-class textile design firm, has been creating statements in luxury and creative expression since 2006.

Each Tappeti piece is the result of a symbiotic fusion of client goals, designer vision and Tappeti craftsmanship.

Tappeti understands the true value of design and produces superior quality rugs and carpets.

Quality and innovation is core to Tappeti. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries on fibre usage and design, keeping us at the forefront of the industry.

Tappeti don’t manufacture, we design and hand-craft superior floor art. 

We pride ourselves on our flexible approach to provide your ultimate design solution and our refined processes ensure a seamless delivery.

We have worked with designers from all over the world to bring their visions to life and create amazing spaces. We are constantly inspired by global trends, fashion, interior design, travel, architecture, and nature.

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Where it all began

The idea for Tappeti came from founder Karinna Gobbo’s extensive experience in the industry.

Traditionally fabric houses and furniture suppliers only wholesaled to interior designers and architects, however a shift in the market enabled consumers access to wholesale products and created competition within a retail environment.

This shift brought the value of designers into question, as products that were previously unique then became available to consumers in major retailers.

For some, this eroded a designer’s point of difference, increasing the difficulty for designers to provide value and the ability to source unique products at a reduced price.

With this change, Karinna identified an opportunity to start a company that provided designers and architects a way to enable their vision by offering a place where they can produce something unique, high-quality that was not available in the retail space.

For almost 2 decades, Tappeti has provided pieces for the most prestigious hotels, hospitality companies, corporate headquarters, convention centres, airports, yachts and sought-after homes across the world.

Karinna is a fellow of the Design Institute of Australia and was the NSW President and a National Director for five years.